Dvb-usb bulk message failed with Geniatech T230

Heya guys, I’m using a Geniatech T230 dvb-c tuner on my RPi 3 with OSMC, and it works great, except that after a couple days I get ‘dvb-usb: bulk message failed: -110’ (dmesg log).

It’s cheap hardware, so it might just be something with the hardware itself, but if possible I’d like to see if anything triggers this failure. As you can see in the dmesg log it only goes back so far, so I have no idea what it says before then. Is there any possibility to see the full dmesg log, or previous dmesg logs?

I’m using the latest dvb-demod/dvb-tuner firmware files (4.0.25 and 2.1.9 respectively), but there is no difference when I switch to older ones.

This is my dmesg start-up log: https://paste.osmc.tv/adizuninos

PS: this problem also occured with libreelec, but initially I was running Raspbian and back then I didn’t have this issue.