DVD player for Vero

Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for a small usb dvd player to plug into the Vero

I have several of different vintages of USB DVD player lying around . The newest one takes its power from the USB (doesn’t have a power cable) but the Vero’s tend to be erratic in recognising it- 4 out 5 it is not recognised (led flashes but no ‘disc’ menu item) When it is recognised usually after a reboot, the play disk button often does not work.

I wonder if this is because it demands too much power over USB? (it is a cheapo chinese Salcar ODD device

  • mind you I have 2 LG slimline older DVD players with a separate power source and they do not connect very well either… One has to reboot before the ‘disc’ menu will appear yet leaving one connected seems to make boot up very slowly indeed.
    On the plus side the LG powered DVD’s are more reliable on bringing up the ‘disc’ menu item and playing properly.

Just wondered what kit other people use (powered non powered - what brands to look out for)

Sounds like a power problem. I have used usb-powered devices and externally powered with the main problems being the dvd makeup (menus vary so muc, and so does encoding).On the whole a usb hub whivh can provide power from its own source is best.

ah that figures the one which works more reliably is the one with a powered USB hub

Having checkec thedevices I use, I have 2 Samsung DVD portable Writers model s203 - both connected via powered hubs

I use a LITE-ON IDE one from 2005 :slight_smile: (Salvaged from an old PC) For testing. Connected through an IDE to USB adapter. Interestingly enough I needed to connect it directly to the Vero. Through an USB hub, bandwidth did not seem enough.

I am looking for something quieter though. Are the Samsungs OK? Not too noisy?

Depends on your standards - my Lite Samsung DVD device suits me.

I will probably try one of those. Not very expensive.

I should have given a better description -
Samsung Portable DVD Writer SE-208
is the one I have

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In the end, I bought a DVD/Blueray, a ASUS BW-16D1HT/BLK/B BluRay BD Writer Extreme 16X Blu-Ray