Each time I reboot my VERO4K the TV source name is returning back to default name is "HDMI 2"

I have notice this issue for a while and thought of reporting to make the Vero 4K product better.

My Samsung 4K TV got the option to rename the source and I have renamed my HDMI connecting to the VERO4K as VERO4K.

Each time I reboot my VERO4K the source is returning back to default name is “HDMI 2”. Note that I am using HDMI CEC to control my VERO4K.

I have tested the same with Raspberry PI and this issue is not happening and all other HDMI devices connected (XBOX360 / Cable BOX) also NOT having this issue

Now sure what logs you need as this is a specific issue and happy to supply any applicable logs.

I’d talk with Samsung about this. The Vero does not control the name of the input. If I remember, all the Vero does is send what type of device it is.

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If there are preset labels like PC or Blu-ray player, try that and see if it’s persistent.

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I already tried the preset labels as well but no luck.

Samsung did live debugging and told it’s the VERO device as issue not preset with other devices.


Can they explain this in some further detail?

The Vero 4K would not be responsible for any settings on the TV.
CEC LA would not change and it would be consistent with its presentation via HDMI.

I’m happy to discuss this with anyone from Samsung if you can put me in touch



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@sam_nazarko Via using the information you provided I have raised a case with Samsung and will keep track of this issue and will even forward this link to Samsung.

Samsung Case ID: 8214058903

Samsung Forum post Link:

Thanks – I’m keen to hear what they say.

If it helps: if the tv was implementing CEC correctly the input would automatically be renamed from “HDMI2” to “Kodi”.

Samsung US support finally provided the fix and as below. This is working like a charm across both of my TVs.

I have asked stupid Samsung product team to implement this as a feature to disable the HDMI auto detect via settings as then other people can enjoy setting custom source. Still the source issue is CEC not correctly working in Samsung TVs

Fix as below…
While CEC enabled in TV:
Our engineers recommend disabling HDMI Auto Detection. Please switch to the TV source, and press the following key sequence on your remote: Mute > Volume Down > Channel Down > Mute.
Because this is a hidden command, you will not see any pop-ups.

However the base issue Samsung still not handling the CEC correctly in latest 2017 and 2018 TVs and at least this workaround will work…

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Nice – I’m sure this will help other users.