Easier Setup with WiFi AP

After copying OSMC image to my Raspberry Pi 3, I had to connect a USB keyboard to my Raspberry Pi to set up my WiFi network.

I know the OSMC Installer helps to setup the network before copying the image to Raspberry Pi, but that’s not good enough user experience. If there is a need to change the network, I’ll have to connect the keyboard again to change network settings.

It would be nice to have something similar to Chromecast. Chromecast acts as AP when you plug it in the first time, and you use their Android App to set up the wireless network.

You can also set up the ap with a remote control. No need for a keyboard.

Many TVs don’t support HDMI-CEC, so sometimes remote is not an option, unless you have LIRC.

While the idea is nice, hosting an AP reliably is pretty much impossible because there are so many different WiFi dongles out there, most do not implement nl80211 users. In the future, I’ll add this for official OSMC WiFi dongles.

A good remote for now is your best bet, we don’t expect users to change their connection that much