Easiest way to copy files from one usb drive to an other if they are both connected to the vero?

I use one of my veros in an environment where we don’t have any other PC. Since sharing is caring sometimes I want to copy some of my media from mine to a friends USB drive.

I tried to ask google before asking here but google only told me how to copy all data from one drive to the other using the DD command but that’s not what I’d like.

What’s wrong with using Settings->File manager?

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Or use MidnighCommander in shell (ssh)

sudo apt-get install mc

to run in just:



I didn’t think of that and I’m looking into it now but when I select a folder or file I want to copy and press the 3 line button (menu) I only get the options to:

Select all
Add to favorites
Make new folder
Calculate size
Switch media

There is no option to copy

I think the issue is that the HDD I want to copy from is NTFS when I tried a exfat formated drive the copy option is in the menu.

I selected a file clicked copy expecting to be asked for a destination or something but no luck its just copying the file now but I dont know where its going.

Never mind, It copied the file from the exfat drive to the NTFS drive I see now how its supposed to work with the left and right menus.

But I still have the problem that It wont let me select copy on a NTFS formated drive ( but copying to one is not a problem)

reading the tutorial now in case the file manager grahamh suggested dosen’t work,


I get copy to/from my ntfs partition which is auto-mounted by OSMC, so default permissions.

My bed I checked the drive I couldn’t copy from on PC and for some unknown reason the folder with movies was set to read only. Removed that and I can see copy on the menu now.

Thanks @grahamh and @joakim_s