EDIMAX EW-7811UN Wireless

Hi Guys,
I’ve just got my brand new raspberry PI model B and also the Wireless tunngle (EDIMAX).
I now would like to install OSMC and I´d like to be sure that the Wireless adapter´s drivers are included.
As far I know up the Linux kernel 3.0 those drivers shall be included.

The question is which kernel does have OSMC?

Thank you in advance.

Current versions of OSMC include a 4.1.x kernel.

If you already have all the hardware just try it and let us know if your adaptor is detected and works.

The EW-7811UN works perfectly on OSMC. I have a couple myself.

4.2. on Pi


Thank you for the fast answer! I’ll get a try tonight :wink:

it works.