Edit fstab from cyberduck / Retropi

Hi there,

Because the vero 4k+ doesn’t replace alle the Retropi files to a usb by simply putting a usb drive with the folder retropie-mount i gues i have to do it manualy ; Running ROMs from a USB drive - RetroPie Docs

I’ve came to the point to edit the fstab but i would like to do it with cyberduck. At the moment the system doesn’t give me the acces to edit etc files. Is there a way to do it by using cyberduck > my terminal skills are (verry) limited…

Thanks !

I don’t know what cyberduck is other than an FTP client and I’d guess it’s not the appropriate tool for terminal access. Just use puTTY…

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: https://osmc.tv/wiki/general/accessing-the-command-line/

@ActionA Well, i need to delete 4 accidentally made fstab files in the etc folder… then i need to adjust the original fstab file to tell vero that i needs to run retropi form the usb… I don’t know how to delete the files and to properly adjust and save the original fstab file…therefore i thougt i t would be much easier to do all this by a ftp client > so no complex terminal codes … problem is that i don’t get permisson to edit / copy / delete the core files…



Thanks Tom.