Edit included lircd.conf?

I have this xbox360 media remote…

Most of the keys work fine using the included config for the white 360 media remote but I want to change the keys that correspond to guide and live tv. What is the best way of going about this?

Copy the conf file file to the OSMC home directory:

cp /etc/lirc/xbox360-lircd.conf /home/osmc

Then customise the version in /home/osmc, then in MyOSMC remotes use the browse option to browse to your modified version.

If you try to edit the original file directly it may get overwritten in a future update.

BTW when you’ve done your changes can you let us know what the changes were ? I wrote the xbox 360 lirc conf myself from scratch, assigning the buttons as best as I could so I’d be interested to see what you thought was lacking, and if your changes make sense for all users we could incorporate those in a future update.

The large xbox guide button I left unassigned mainly because I couldn’t think of anything useful to assign it to, as there is already a “guide” button as well…

The Live TV button I don’t recall what that got mapped to - as I don’t use PVR features in Kodi it might not be assigned the best way.

I ended up making more changes and doing a custom lircd.conf. Before I saw your reply I loaded the lircd.conf in MyOSMC and had the lircmap.xml and remote.xml is the correct /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/ (keymaps) folder with the remote name defined in the .xml files, but irw still showed the commands defaulting to linux input layer commands… any reason this would happen?

as it is now I’m using that custom config and have cp and modified the default .xml files as follows:


  begin codes
      KEY_POWER                0x0B9B
      KEY_REWIND               0x0BEA
      KEY_PLAY                 0x0BE7
      KEY_FASTFORWARD          0x0BEB
      KEY_PREVIOUS             0x0BE4
      KEY_MENU                 0x0BDB
      KEY_NEXT                 0x0BE5
      KEY_RECORD               0x0BE8
      KEY_INFO                 0x0BF0
      KEY_UP                   0x0BE1
      KEY_DOWN                 0x0BE0
      KEY_LEFT                 0x0BDF
      KEY_RIGHT                0x0BDE
      KEY_OK                   0x0BDD
      KEY_EPG                  0x0BD9
      KEY_TUNER                0x0BDA
      KEY_BACK                 0x0BDC
      KEY_VOLUMEUP             0x0BEF
      KEY_VOLUMEDOWN           0x0BEE
      KEY_LAST                 0x0BE3
      KEY_MUTE                 0x0BF1
      KEY_CHANNELUP            0x0B93
      KEY_CHANNELDOWN          0x0B92
      KEY_1                    0x0BFE
      KEY_2                    0x0BFD
      KEY_3                    0x0BFC
      KEY_4                    0x0BFB
      KEY_5                    0x0BFA
      KEY_6                    0x0BF9
      KEY_7                    0x0BF8
      KEY_8                    0x0BF7
      KEY_9                    0x0BF6
      KEY_0                    0x0BFF
      KEY_D                    0x0BB0
  end codes

Changes to Lircmap.xml:


Changes to remote.xml:




I may also change the “xbox” (power) button to globally bring up the shutdown menu

BTW when using the default xbox360 config the yellow and red buttons output the same as the “guide” and “livetv”, hence I left the color buttons out completely