Edit music on shared libraries

So I have a music library on my Raspberry Pie 2 running the latest OSMC.

Is there any way to edit music tags remotely? I’m not succeeding.

I’m sharing my libraries, so in Ubuntu I can access them via ftp, sftp and smb/samba in Nautilus (my file manager). I can add, delete, rename files. Very nice.

Further more, I can access my OSMC music in Banshee music player, I suppose that’s through UPnP. So I can play them on my desktop computer from OSMC.

I can, however, not edit music tags. In Banshee (who’s tag edit system is rather limited anyway) I’m simply not given the option to edit shared media tags. When opening a shared library in a dedicated tag editor (I’ve tried several, including Kid3-qt, puddletag and EasyTAG) it generally finds my music files, but the tags are either not read at all or any edits made to them impossible to save. This is regardless of going through FTP, SFTP or SMB.

Sure, I can copy a piece of my music library to my desktop, make the changes I want and then copy it back. But that’s a rather cumbersome and slow method.

So, is there any way to edit music tags remotely?

Try mounting your shared folder using cifs, not using gvfs (used by Nautilus) or KIO (used by KDE) - they are easy to use but limited, see “man mount.cifs” to get started.