Editing Pi OSMC Library From Windows

Hi, apologies if this has been asked beofre or if it is common knowledge. I did a search but could not find the specific answer.

I have been moving my media around between drives whilst gradually putting together my final and ideal setup. I have found that in doing so has meant going through my media in OSMC (Raspberry Pi connected to TV) and deleting/re-scanning media and manually setting ‘Watched’ on each video. This can be slow and laborious.

I have heard of different Library Managers. Is this the best way to edit source/metadata/watched statuses en masse?

The easiest thing for me would be a way of accessing the library data file(s) in OSMC via a separate Windows PC either directly or copying/exporting-importing the relevent files. For remote or offline editing.

I am about to move my entire media collection from a network shared PC drive to a central NAS so this is about be very relevant!

Thanks in advance

The “data files” are actually sqlite databases. Generally editing them manually is not that recommended. If you want to edit the databases from a windows PC I suggest to use a central mysql based setup.

You can export/import the watched status!

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Ok, is a NAS the best location for storing the SQL database?

Sounds good, how are the statuses linked to the media files if the media has moved? Are they linked to the content rather than file?

If the NAS supports MySQL databases that would be a perfect place for it. If the NAS does not support MySQL, then the Pi is probably a better home for it.

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From what I understand it is save individually for each file, but it’s long time ago that I tried myself


It’s a D-Link DNS-320L. Looks like it can, but might need a bit of work:

Guess I’ll find out, unless this data is also accessible in the sqlite database, in which case I can edit it at the same time as my source locations…

Do you know if it is?

Yes, http://kodi.wiki/view/Databases shows the whole database structure, if you search for “watched” you will see the fields where it is stored for each Media

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Thanks fzinken and bmillham

BTW coming back to your original question.

I still think it may make sense to look into MediaElch

For the watched status, if you install the trakt.tv app it will automatically sync your watched status across devices independently of kodi, including from sqlite on the pi to mysql on a nas. trakt.tv stores the data by movie title, and tv series/episode

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Will that achieve the same end result as using MySQL with the same or more ease?

Sounds ideal. Is that a Kodi/OSMC app I install from a repo?

Yep. http://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Trakt

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It’s a different approach to the problem.

Ok, thanks. I might give that a try.

Sorry if I’m being really stupid, but I am trying to edit my library using MediaElch and cannot get my existing library content up onto it.

It appears I have successfully connected to OSMC/Kodi using its webserver details, but I can’t see how to get my library content to be displayed in MediaElch.

I tried Sync, and it does nothing.

Am I trying to do this the right way?

I think you should ask such questions on the MediaElch support but from how I understand MediaElch you configure the network access to each source additionally to the access to Kodi

Ok, I’ll do that. Thanks