eHome RC6 Receiver

How can I use the eHome RC6 IR-Receiver?
If I plug it into the USB Port and try my remote it does not work.

How can I check if the USB IR-Receiver was loaded detected from OSMC?
I have already selected in the remote section “RC6-mce-lircd” and unselected “Disable RC6”.

I am a complete newbie so let me know if I missed something :slight_smile:


Please describe what you mean by “doesn’t work”. What have you tried to do, how have you tested it and what were the results of those actions?

Please post the output of lsusb to show whether the receiver is being detected by the Pi and also a full set of debug logs showing the issue. You can find out how in the wiki post on “how to create a useful support request”.

I have plugged it in and set the remote in OSMC.
I tried to move up and down with my remote and this does not work.

If I type lsusb I get:

sudo apt-get install usbutils

Great thanks. Now all is working … Strange.