Eject USB drive

Hi. Firstly I’d like to say I’m so impressed with this little box. Has put my Nvidia Shield to shame in a number of departments.
My issue is when I bring up the context menu over my external drive and safely eject it, and receive a message saying it’s been safely ejected, I then get an unsafe eject message when I actually do disconnect the drive (Maxtor 4TB). Also happens with my Sandisk SD card. Any help would be appreciated and apologies if I’ve posted in the wrong place. Thanks

What device are we talking about? We’ll also need to see debug enabled logs.

Yeah good point- sorry about that! I’m referring to the Vero 4K. I’ll try and submit logs when I’m back in the house later.

I don’t get such a message - the drive just disappears from the file list (or not, depending on whether it’s being accessed by some other process).

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Apologies for the late response. Found out what the issue was- I need to ‘remove safely’ both the usb drive and EFI via the context menu, rather than just the usb drive. Then I don’t get an error message when disconnecting the drive from Vero 4K. Is EFI some sort of mounted network share of this usb drive?

Your drive is or has been a boot disc. EFI is te partition where the bootloader is.

As @grahamh wrote it is a second (boot) partition on the USB. If you are not using the stick anymore to boot an OS you can delete the partition so that you only have a single partition on the stick

Thanks both for taking the time to explain. This would make sense to me if I was just getting one EFI appearing (from the SD card I recently used to boot the OS, and haven’t yet erased back to a single partition) but I’m getting 3 EFI in total…2 extra I presume from the two external usb hard drives I have connected (OS extended journaled), which have never been used to boot anything on the Vero 4K. They just contain my films/ tv shows. No worries anyway- as long as I know how to safely eject that’s all I need. Thanks again.

If you run sudo fdisk -l it will show you all partitions of the connected sticks.