Enable/disable wireless adapter using Lirc?

I have a Raspberry Pi B+ that I have running OSMC for my children to watch their TV Shows. All the shows are on a USB stick as I do not want them to have access to the less children friendly TV Shows that I watch on my network drive. I have a WiFi dongle that I enable when I put a new episode on the USB stick so OSMC can update the library, then I disable it again once done. Less WiFi devices on the better. I also have GPIO IR enabled to control OSMC. Is there any way to map a remote key to quickly enable the WiFi adapter rather than go through the menus on screen? I know how to map the remote KEY_ etc, but don’t see one for KEY_WIRELESS_ON or similar.

No, there isn’t a quick shortcut that you could use to turn wifi off and on, however I don’t really think it’s the right solution to your problem even if there was.

A much better solution would be to set up Kodi profiles:


This would let you set up a restricted profile for the kids to use that doesn’t have access to anything other than children’s material, and a PIN protected master profile that has full access.

I appreciate the reply, but I also do not with to have the WiFi on all the time. I was really just looking for a quick way to switch it on and off. I know I could also just give them access to a Kids folder and have all my stuff in another folder. I’ll just stick with enabling and disabling through the menus just now.