Error adding SMB file share

I’m just set up OSMC on a Raspberry Pi2.
I’m trying to add a connection to my movies.
I’ve added a file location (smb://Lookanas/Movies) and am able to browse the file share on the nas.
How do I add the share to file manager?
I clicked on add a source and browsed to the smb entry. After I add it and click ok it tells me “Error Operation not permitted”. after I click ok on that message it says “Unable to connect, Could not retrieve directory information. This could be due to the” and lets me click no or yes.

In my experience you’re best to just type in the share yourself (with a keyboard ideally) as the SMB browser in add share in Kodi is hit and miss at best. It’s also recommended you use a Static IP address instead of a hostname.

So just type in smb://IPaddress/Movies then press OK in the dialog.

Thanx - I’ll try changing it to IP instead of host name.