Error installing: atv-image-4.2.3-13-osmc (13)

My atv1 with osmc downloads the latest update however when I reboot for the update to finalise the error above appears. It will not update. Build: osmc running Kodi 16.1
Please help. Thanks

This has been covered before – it happens if the device isn’t powered off correctly. Search the AppleTV category and follow the instructions.

Thanks very much.
Its great to have all my favourite movie/sport channels in one box.

Hi Sam,
All sorted now, installed a backup and updated osmc, only thing that ‘Maintenance Tool’ cannot now do is add video/programme to homescreen. I shall research now.

I don’t know what Maintenance Tool is, but I don’t believe it’s supplied by us, so you may have more luck contacting the developer of this add-on.