Error installing rbp2.mediacenter.osmc ( Please report on OSMC forum

Sam - slightly different topic. My other sd card installed in a rasp p2 did it’s update correctly and then I was asked to close kodi to allow update to complete. Got an error message as follows

Error installing rbp2.mediacenter.osmc ( Please report on OSMC forum.

I noted that my wireless connect had been lost and would not allow me to manually reinstall. I shut down osmc and opened it again and got black and white text all over main screen until I got an unhappy face.

Was able to ssh into osmc and did a fsck and it went through a mammoth fix including multiply claimed blocks shared with one file /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin/.confluence.

End result was that everything seems to be properly updated and working fine but thought you should know.

Sounds like you had file system corruption as the root cause of the problem. Underlying problems like file system corruption can go unnoticed until an update because lots of system files get written during an update.

This is why we have implemented an initramfs in the November update that runs an fsck automatically on boot to help prevent this sort of thing happening.