Error installing update. Please report this

Please don’t berate me because I can’t remember the exact wording of the error dialog that was shown after updating to the December release on my Pi B. It said something like there was an error installing the update please report this in the forums.

I’ve had a quick look and I appear to be running Kodi 17.6, the /etc/os-release suggests I’m running the December release. The Kodi logs (old because I rebooted after seeing the error) don’t appear to point to anything. Which logs should I be looking at? Apt? OSMC’s own log?


Apt logs most likely will give you most info in that case.
Just use grab-logs -A to share the logs so that we can help


It looks fine.

If everything still works, I wouldn’t worry.

Seems to be fine yeah. Not sure what triggers that error message. I updated on another Pi (2) and didn’t get that.

Thanks for looking :+1:t2:

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I may have spoken too soon. I’ve just switched the screen on this Pi (I usually run it headless) and see the error message again. I haven’t run an update since so I’m not sure why it’s come up again.

I have also just seen for the first time the lightening icon top right. Does this version require more power or something because I’ve never seen that warning on any of my installs? Using a 1A USB power adapter from Maplin on a Pi Model B+.

Marginal to inadequate. 2A is recommended but depends what you have plugged into USBs.

I’ve been using the 1A power supply on this Pi for years without issue but I have a new 2A supply on order from The Pi Hut and will likely just reinstall everything.

Don’t feel to bad about the message. I had exactly the same thing a couple of days ago after an overnight Internet outage. I’ve configured My OSMC to check for updates each day at around 03:00 - and the network outage had already happened when the check kicked in.