Error On Installing Transmission Client

As I went ahead to install transmission client, it threw an error, telling me to post it on the forum.

The error is:

error installing: armv6I-transmission-app-osmc (2.8.4-11)
Please report it on the osmc forum

Kindly, let me know how should I go ahead. By the way I had these packages installed through ssh & shell prior to doing this through interface.

transmission-common/stable,now 2.84-0.2 all [installed,automatic]
transmission-daemon/stable,now 2.84-0.2 armhf [installed]

Many Thanks.

They will conflict.

You need to purge the old packaeges first.

OK, It installed successfully. As you said, the prior installation was interfering.

As a resolution to the problem for others also, I uninstalled it through:

sudo apt-get --purge autoremove transmission-common transmission-daemon

Many Thanks & Warm Regards.