Error performing manual update: Script failed!

My device has been working fine until now however I tried performing a manual update and received this error: Script failed!

I saw (another topic) that recommended performing a dist-upgrade, so I did that via SSH. After that finished and a reboot I tried to do a manual update and got the same error.

Any advice? Thanks for your help.

Can you please upload a log so we can find out the issue?


I’ve uploaded kodi.log, is that the error in there? Please let me know if you need more information.

Also, since turning debugging on and then off the splash screen comes up with “Welcome to emergency mode…” and I have to press CTRL-D every reboot. Could you let me know how to get rid of this?


If it’s going to emergency mode you probably have file system corruption which is causing it to mount the root file system as read only.

Try holding down shift during boot to go into the OSMC recovery console - this will run a file system check and attempt to fix the problem.

After that, please use the log uploader to upload full logs, not just the kodi.log.

Thanks, that looks like a temporal bug. Should only present at particular times and we will fix it in the next update.

Can you confirm what your update settings were? Weekly. But which day?

The error only has to do with the scheduling of the next update check, and that would simply crash the Updater and wouldnt affect the file system in any way. So this might be the confluence of multiple problems rather than cause and effect.

Thanks for the replies.

The updater was set to weekly on Tuesdays, the problem didn’t occur before I changed this setting. I changed it back to daily and the updater appears to work normally now. There were however no updates so I haven’t yet tested the update process.

Re the filesystem issue, I tried the recovery console, it reported the filesystem clean. I then unmounted and fsck’d the external USB, it found and fixed problems. Reboot and it’s all good.

So totally sorted now and enjoying the interface improvements. Thanks very much for your help!