Error updating to the stable release

Trying to update to the stable release from RC3, I get an error on the Package Configuration blue screen :
An error occurred installing the following package (Unknown package). Please report this problem on the OSMC forum.
I have uploaded the logs here :
I don’t mind reinstalling from scratch, but I could provide additional infos if it helps.

Are you sure the error was on the blue (msdos style) update screen ? Because the most recent entry in the apt.log is 4 days ago, which was before the stable release came out.

On the other hand I do see a potential update error in your kodi.log - but that would have occured within Kodi, not on the blue text update screen.

I don’t suppose you had automatic backups enabled by any chance ? If so there was a known bug with a particular version of the OSMC settings addon which could cause this error if automatic updates were enabled.

The two easiest solutions to force an update to get past this problem are either:

a) Boot holding down CTRL and SHIFT together on an attached USB keyboard until you see the blue update screen commence


b) run the following commands via SSH:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade

Either of those should get you up to date and solve the problem.

It was definitely on the blue screen.
I do not have automatic backups enabled. However, I had the sonarr repository (deb master main) added to my apt/sources.list.
Removing this line and lauching the command

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade

did the trick.
I am now happy to see “OSMC June 2015” on the OSMC settings screen :smile:
Thanks for your help.

Ok - If it happened on the blue update screen it’s probably not an issue with the OSMC settings updater, at least not the known issue I was describing.

Quite likely there is some package you have installed from the sonarr repository (or a dependency of what you have installed) which clashes with the debian jessie repository or the osmc repository and prevents the update going through smoothly.

Keep in mind that when you run apt-get dist-upgrade it will try to update any software you have installed via any repositories that are currently enabled.

The OSMC update process essentially just does sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade - which as well as updating osmc packages from our repository will also try to upgrade any upstream debian packages and any packages that come from other repositories you have installed.

Most likely removing the sonarr repository is what allowed the update to complete successfully. (Although it’s strange that nothing showed up in the apt.log…)

If it happens again please post another debug log with debugging enabled in Kodi so we can try to identify the cause.