Error while installing latest update

Hi guys, just tried to update against my wife’s wishes, as updates always seem to break osmc and I then have to troubleshoot to get it running again (I don’t mind this, but it drives her nuts lol). This time however I didn’t even get through the update screen, took a photo of the screen, as I don’t know how else to get logs, can’t ssh and pi is frozen and don’t want to reboot yet in case there is some advice anyone can offer.
Here is my screen:

what the dickens happened here? any help would be appreciated but I very much fear it will be a full reinstall

To me that looks like fairly major SD card corruption, I can’t suggest a fix (other may), I’d be looking at a clean install

I had exactly the same error last month. Your SD card is toast. Buy a new one and re-install. To ensure you get a good quality card I’d suggest you buy here:

It even comes pre-installed with the correct version of OSMC for your model of Raspberry Pi.