Error with OpenVPN

Hi there, I managed to install OpenVPN on my Vero 4K. I use IPVanish. I manage to get the list of servers too and all seems ok until I try to connect to my First VPN connection. Authorisation is ok and I can see a list of the servers. I try different ones but I always get this error.

“Error connecting to VPN, something unexpected happened. Retry to check openvpn operation and then check logs.”

Would anyone has an idea how to resolve this?
Thank you in advance

PS. Actually I relise now that I cannot install any add-on. Maybe the access to internet is not right. How do I check and reset that?
I am trying ping with SSH in Putty and get “bad address”. I ping other ip addresses and get nothing…
Thanks again

Where do you see that from?
The Brian Hornsby VPN is a good way to configure VPN via the GUI

Logs might give us some insight as to what you have changed.
Is the device showing as connected via My OSMC -> Network?

Hi there Sam,
Thank you for answering and Happy Easter.

To give an answer. I see the message when I try to connect to first server in Open VPN
I see also this one

“Connected to a VPN in unknown.
Using profile Australia - Sidney 02 (UDP).
External IP address is no info.
Service provider is unknown.”

Does not matter which server I try.
The machine is connected to a wifi. I can see that in My OSMC -> Network.
However, when I check Settings/System Info/Network I see this

Internet: Not connected. Check network settings. Then now and then it changes to “Busy” and then back. The same with the MAC address - switches from the Mac address and “Busy”

Where can I get logs that would be useful for you?
Thanks again

I agree that you’ll need to fix your network connection first.

Have you made any changes via the command line / followed any tutorials that asked you to make changes to your system?

Not really, just browsed the directories with ls, cd and similar.
I tried to mount a NAS and changed the fstab but nothing really important
BTW, I see message that I am connected to the VPN but I just have no internet access to I dont know how to understand that.

If you disconnect from the VPN and reboot, does your internet connection come back?

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When I disable the VPN Manager add-on I can install addons(the internet is back). So the VPN Manager is the issue …

PS Actually when I click on Disable, the system is stuck …