Estuary a little laggy

I updated my RP2 from Kodi 16 to 17.1 this weekend and switched to the new Estuary skin. I notice that Estuary is a little sluggish/jumpy when navigating (compared with Confluence).

Do you think this skin will be improved/optimised in subsequent updates or is it just too heavy for the RP2? I can include a debug log if necessary although everything seems correct functionally.

I appreciate the great work being done here. Congratulations on a very successful release.

I thinks yes… the estuary it’s little much expensive respect confluence (the feature to watch most recent addons on home for example i thinks it’s need so much ram/cpu respect confluence) but i have also a Pi2 and i don’t have problems or other types of lag on normal use of osmc.

Try to disable the gui sounds… or try to disable some feature… i thinks you can try to reset to default the gui settings… it’s possibly somethigs you previously use on confluence it’s not completely work on estuary skin or viceversa…

Estuary skin isn’t created or maintained by OSMC Team. But it should do fine on RPi2. would be the best place to ask for this skin’s improvements .

Estuary is pretty heavy. A lot of posters get added to home screen, especially when a tvshow/movie/music libraries are set up.

However it seems pretty smooth to me. What sort of sdcard are you using?
You want one with very fast random access 4K reads/writes.
I use a Samsung EVO (although EVO+ is fractionally faster).

See: SD Card Benchmarks - Raspberry Pi Forums if you are willing to do some research.