Ethernet network speed 4K media

the Vero 4k works great on 1080p media from my NAS4Free server.
But with 4k contents it stalls and the timer icon shows up several times in some movies.
If I transfer the files to a hard disk attached to the Vero 4K every works fine.
The nas server has a 100 mbs port as does the Vero 4K. The network is not loaded and is rated at a 1gbs.
Is there a buffer adjustment I should make on the Vero 4k?
Also, while I don’t know for sure, the issue could be related to lossless audio streams. The streams are passed through the Vero 4K to a receiver which does the decoding. I just seem to have the timeout problems more on media that has lossless audio than on other media. Also more of an issue with 10bit video than 8bit video.

Thanks for confirming that, that is useful to know.

How are you streaming the video files? If using SMB, we recommend NFS when possible. If mounting via Kodi, we recommend mounting via /etc/fstab as this provides better performance.


Question I ask myself, is if your media provider (NAS) and path to your Vero4k is providing enough data.
What kind of NAS do you have, and do other systems access it at the same time?

I had that issue with my old NAS (Atom 1.6Ghz dual-core system, 2GB Ram). It was not able to provide 2 HD feeds at the same time when I had other people accessing it (and with 4 kids, there is always at least one accessing it), reason I built myself a new NAS. The old one was not able to provide a sustained fast data stream over a long period of time.

Eventually you could use iperf to check the real transfer speed you can achieve between your NAS and your Vero device.
Then also copy over a big file timing it.