Even more newbee questions

So I bought the Vero… all exited and joyful…
But there is a few quirks I haven’t been able to figure out how to solve.

  1. When I try to use airplay from my Ipad, I just get a lot of static in the top of the screen, followed by a completly green screen…? any sugenstions?

  2. I would really like to download torrents directly on the Vero (as it is always on, and dosen’t make a lot of noise). Is it possible? and then how/what add-on to use?

  3. My Vero is connected to a projector (Optima). Every time I want to use the vero, I need to pull out the powercord and restart the Vero. Otherwise the projector won’t find and registre the vero as hdmi-source?

  4. I need a good Ipad or Android remote, as I would like to be able to control the vero for music use, without needing to turn on the projector. Right now I use the “Kodi remote” for ios, but it dosent really work that well with the vero. Any sugestions?

All help will be highly appriciated!


Try music pump or yatse on android

What are you trying to play?

Transmission will join our App Store soon.

This is known as hotplugging. For most sets this will be resolved in RC3.

Try Yatse for iOS or ‘Kore’ for Android

Thanks alot for the answers!

About airplay: I’ve tried both mirroing, HBO streaming, and sending different kinds of media… …it dosen’t really makes a difference.

I will patiently wait for the torrent app and I’m trying out different remotes at the moment.

Thanks for the good work Sam


HBO is more than likely subject to DRM


I’ve tried to find Yatse for iOS and I just can’t find it. Could someone supply a link?

It doesn’t exist. Sam got them backwards, Kore is iOS, yatse is android.

it looks like Kore exists for android too

Ah indeed, but Yatse is only Android currently.

Kore looks great, but I can only find it for Android.

I do see the Kodi and Sybu apps on the iOS store though, I’ll be trying those out this week.

Just remembered the one I used when I had an iOS device.


It won’t disappoint


Full disclosure: I’ve never owned an apple device and am therefore unfamiliar with any available iOS apps. :wink:

Thanks! I’ll check it out. Apparently they are working on a complete rewrite:

Well… …Now I had some time try try out different solutions.

The question about airplay: I have got it to show pictures and play sound, as soon as I try with video, it freezes. I’ve tried youTube, that just gives me an error, and HBO, that supposedly should have full airplay and chromecast, still just shows me a lot of green colors and static. Well I’ll live without!

The question about torrent: I’ve tried to download the new Transmission Torrent Client… …it tells me that the update and instillation was successful, but afterwards it shows up as not installed. Besides I would really like a small introduction to the use of “port 9091” in a webbrowser.

The question about hotplugging: As I can tell, we are now at RC3 0.9.9 , So I hope my trouble will be over when we hit 1.0 :smile:

The question about remotes: I gave up, as far to often, I do not get the desired results. As long as pop-up messages dosen’t relay back to the remote, I am stuck everytime something unexpected happens.

Thank you vero much :-), for your reply’s!


HBO is DRM’d to high-heaven I am afraid.

Transmission: aware of the issue and it will be fixed for final.

We are improving remote module too

I see what you did there! That was a Vero bad joke