Exec Format error

I am on an raspberry pi 3 B
and i am getting this error when loading
switch_root: can’t execute “sbin/splash_early” : Exec format error

This sounds strange. I assume this prevents your Pi from booting, or?
Do you have a direct OSMC installation or is it NOOBS based?
Was this version running before?

It prevents from it booting and I installed OSMC using windows and I formatted the MicroSD card using this guide
And i just installed it.
first time.

  1. So the installation went through without a problem and this error is shown when you reboot first time?
  2. Did you used the OSMC Installer and the latest Image to install?
  3. Suggest to test the SD Card with H2Testw
  1. Yeah.
  2. Yeah.

Do I need to format the card before using h2testw?

I can assure that everything is ok with the card. I have used it for an raspbian setup.

No, no need to format before using h2testw.
Generally you should also have no need to create a partition

We suspect an issue with your SD card. For that we suggest the following procedure on a Windows OS to verify the card’s correctness:

  1. Download the official SD Memory Card Formatter from the SD Association you can find at
    Downloads URL - SD Association

  2. Re-format the card using this tool. It will be visible in Windows as drive letter.

  3. Download the h2testw tool you can find
    at Ihre Suche | heise Download
    (Unfortunately the web page is in German but strictly follow the download buttons, english info about the tool can be found here H2testw English Windows | Fake Flash Memory Information - FlashChipDirector)

  4. Run h2testw and test the SD card.

We hope your card is still fine but keep in mind SD cards have a limited lifespan. In case of errors with h2testw we recommend you to change the SD card. If you would like to get a good quality SD card manufactured for OSMC, then you can find one in the Store.