Expand OSMC to fit full sd card size

Good day,

I have a backup image from an 8GB SD Card for RPi 1, and would like to use it for my 32GB SD Card. Can someone tell me how to expand OSMC if I flash the 32GB card with the 8GB image?

Why has this not been answered? I have the same issue and can NOT find a decent solution.

sudo raspi-config returns a text information saying to do it via My OSMC or look here for a solution. Unfortunately Expand Filesystem is not an available option in My OSMC.

I have seen a lengthy “sudo fdisk /dev/mmcblk0” solution but would rather do it via My OSMC. Can this option be added to My OSMC in an update?

I don’t think this is such a crucial function especially as it would be tough to implement for a live system safely.
Anyhow you have to easy options (if you don’t like the fdisk solution).

  1. Install a fresh copy of OSMC on the new card and use the backup function of MyOSMC to backup and restore your config
  2. Use gparted running on a PC to expand the file system on the new card

No – resizing live filesystems is too dangerous.

Use a Gparted livecd, and take a backup before doing anything.