Exporting Video Library issue

Hello there.
i’m using Kodi 17.6.

As I have a new NAS I’m trying to export my video library in an XML format to a personal folder (named pishare). The idea is to import this file where I will have changed the path to the new NAS.

But when I export the database in separate files without the whole enchilada (NFOs, fanarts etc.) it does nothing. Can’t find the .xml file! Nothing.

What am I doing wrong?
Is there another way to change the path to those films without losing their status ?


Well this is two different options. Either you export in separate files or your export as one XML file

Do the changes directly with sqlite

Hello. Thanks for having replied.
Exporting just doesn’t work. Can’t find the file. That is the issue.

“sqlite” ? Oh oh… sorry but I am a newb. How can I have access to the DB from there?


Okeydokey. Thanks a lot.

If you tell it to export the library and it doesn’t this is usually caused by not having write access to the location. I would submit that you don’t need to go down this path at all for what your wanting to do. If you can setup the new NAS to use the same file path as the old one then nothing is needed on the Kodi side. If that is not possible you could add a path substitution to fix the discrepancy and leave everything else alone. Alternatively if you want you can leave your library as is, update your sources to point to the new path, update your library which duplicates all your content, but also applies the watched status to the new entries, and then do a clean library to automatically remove the duplicates.

The “separate files” option in Kodi always exports to .NFO files in the same directory as the matching video file. It does not export .XML files.

Thank you all for your answers. As I’m a noob I had to delete the previous libraries and after having copied the files to the new location add them to new libraries. So bad there’s no extension to manage this.