External hard drive

Hi All - I use a Vero 4K+ with a 8TB external hard drive mostly for watching movies. The drive is nearly full. Any recommendations on a replacement with 10TB or 12TB capacity that doesn’t cost the earth? I can see that prices really start to surge once you get above 8TB.

Or would you recommend buying another 8TB for now and running two hard drives? Then wait for the mass market to start needing 10/12/16TB and wait for the prices to drop.

Over the years, I have used Seagate Expansion Desktops at 2TB, 5TB and 8TB - always keeping a backup of course and never having a reliability issue. I’m trying to learn about RAID but it doesn’t look like I need anything that complex.

That’s a lot of data to put on one disk.
Are you comfortable with that?

RAID isn’t backup.

I think it’ll be a while before prices drop yet unfortunately


Yeah, I’m not too worried about the amount of data - it’s all backed up elsewhere.

In Germany current best price/capacity ratio regarding ext. USB drives is for 8 and some 10 TB drives. I would simply extend the environment with a second 8TB drive which doubles your space. Increased noise sound could be the only concern for me.

That’s what a NAS in the Basement is there for :slight_smile: of course connected through at least Gbps network.