External HD always working all the time

I’ve set up a 1TB external drive on my pi2 to put some music, movies on it.
Its a mechanical HD, meaning you can hear clicks (not the bad clicks) when its doing stuff.

The problem is that even if no one is using the pi, you can hear it doing those clicks all the time…as if something is reading the HD continuously.
I was curious about it…and i tried the HD on my windows PC and ofc if i wasnt doing any noise if i wasnt reading/writing to it.

a) Why oh why is it running continuously on the pi ?
b) It never goes into sleep mode
c) Its a bit annoying if you wanna take a nap in the living room, since the HD is on a wooden console, which transfers the noise through the floor, into your ear when you are laying down on the sofa. (lol)

Search this forum for spindown. There is already quite a few threads on this.

spindown…thanks for the keyword :slight_smile: Didnt know how to search for it.