External usb hard disk fail to reconnect at windows 7 logon, using laptop and Wifi connection to the router

Device: Rasp Pi 2
Installation media: SDcard
Connection: Wired
Power Supply Type: mobile phone charge with 2A output
Power specs:
Peripherals: a 2TB external HDD formatted in NTFS
Storage Device (incl. Network Sharing Protocol): USB drive shown above (2TB HDD)
OSMC version: latest
XBMC version: latest
Codecs: (mpeg2, vc1?)
Audio/Video Output:HDMI
Overclocked: yes
Config.txt Extras:


I have the following setup:

  1. Rpi2—USB 2TB HDD
  2. Rpi2 is connected to router via etherne cable - over powerline adapter (Devolo 550+).
  3. My laptop (using Windows 7) I have mapped the 2TB HDD as a network drive with following credentials:
    username: osmc
    pwd :osmc

The problem I’m faced is that I get “could not reconnect network drive” after I logon to Windows 7.
Sometimes at double clicking the network drive icon, I get prompted to enter password and after that all is Ok. But some times I get a message like “drive already used in the network” or something like that ( sorry , I cannot recall exact phrase).

So I want to ask your help on the following questions:
a) any ideas why this happens?
b) what is correct procedure in order to have the network drive automatically mounted each time I log in to Windows?

thank you all in advance,


Without fuller information, I would guess that the mapping creates a protocol ‘handle’ which isn’t getting released, so the next time you logon there is a complaint that it already exists (even tho’ you cannot make use of it).
I would ensure you unmount it before logging off from Windows.
BTW do you reboot each time you start a Windows session?


thank you for your answer dandnsmith.

I encounter the problem after reboot, as far as I know.
I haven’t tried logging after having succesfully connect the drive and then log back in.

Umount before logging off : I have the (wrong?) impression that this occurs “automatically” when I shutdown Windows, isn’t it?

It is possible you got it mapped to a drive letter which is now also occupied by a (USB) storage device.
Go into windows explorer, right click on the mapping and choose disconnect.

Map the network drive again, but use a different drive letter, perhaps R(aspberry)

(I had before a mapping which got “overruled” by a USB drive I attached later, so they both wanted to use that drive letter)