Extreme MySQL Network Traffic

I’m running OSMC on several Pi-2s which share one central MySQL database.

Only one of them seems to cause this problem: about every 10 minutes, it creates an extreme amount of network traffic - so much so that all of the other OSMC installs will go to “buffering” for several seconds.

On the Windows server it’s reaching out to, I can see the ethernet usage go to maximum while this is happening - “mysqld.exe” is shown as the cause of all the traffic.

All of my Pi2s have the most recent updates - this has been happening for at least two months, which means through at least a couple of versions.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Log in to the mysql server and run mysql showprocesslist; when this happens

It will show you what queries are running

Here’s a few results during one round of the problematic behavior. It may be worth mentioning that I’m likely to have a lot more “movie” data than most users.

In this example, is my MySQL server, and is the OSMC box in question. This seems like an odd query to run so frequently.


How many rows are in the table?
What does CHECK TABLE movie_view FAST; say?

mysql> select count(*) from xbmc_video93.movie_view;
    | count(*) |
    |    17669 |

mysql> CHECK TABLE xbmc_video93.movie_view FAST;
    | Table                   | Op    | Msg_type | Msg_text |
    | xbmc_video93.movie_view | check | status   | OK       |