Ezcap and volume problem

Dear friends,

Today I installed OSMC on the Raspberry pi 2.
It works excellent but I have some problems:

When I configure the video resolution to 1280x1024 I loose the sound.
I must change to “desktop” or to 1980x1024 to hear sound.

I also cannot change the volume up and down (the configuration is NOT pass thought)

Another question - I use the Ezcap DVB-T usb to see live tv.

I cannot see on the main menu an option to see live tv and the OSMC seems that it cannot find the USB DVB-T card.

Thank you!


What device are you connecting to - a TV or a PC monitor ? If it is a TV, why are you trying to choose 1280x1024 ?

1280x1024 is a DMT (PC monitor) resolution not a CEA (Television) resolution - this will be 4:3 instead of 16:9 wide screen, and some TV’s may not provide sound in this mode.

If you need a lower resolution than 1080p the next CEA resolution down is 1280x720.

Dear Mandrake,

Thank you for your answer.
My question is why it looses the sound and why when I hear the sound I cannot turn the volume down?

You can lose sound in a DMT resolution because some TV’s will assume that you are driving it with a DVI output from a PC - which cannot send sound.

If your TV is like this you must use a CEA resolution to get sound.

As for not being able to turn the volume down - I don’t understand ? Does your TV not have a volume control ? :smile:

Dear Mandrake,

The sound comes from my Yamaha receiver and I worked before with XMBC with lower resolutions.
Also when I choose “desktop” I can hear the sound.

What I am asking is regarding Kodi - When I use the remote and use volume up, I can see the volume bar full, but I cannot turn the volume down.

Thank you!