Face is Too Red


So, this is my set up: Vero 4K+ → Anthem MRX-300 AVR → BenQ TH670 projector.
The Vero 4K+ is using the 2018.12-1 update. Watching on the projector, I think the face is too red. Please see the photos below.

Is there anything I can adjust to make the face less red?


  • Is the face less red if connected directly to the display?
  • Can we have a log when connected to the AVR and when connected to the display?
  • How is the file encoded, can we see a MediaInfo sample?
  • Can we receive a small sample of the file to replicate the redness?
  • Have you played this back on another device with better results? If so, please provide details.



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Thanks for fast reply, @sam_nazarko. I’ll try to get all these for you.

@sam_nazarko Do I need to post separate logs if connect to projector & connect to AVR have the same red-ish face?

No. One set will suffice.

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Does this happen with all media played back, or just one specific movie/TV episode?

As far as I can tell, all media. Please see more photos below:

These next 2 were played on my oppo bluray player

I’ll post media info and then split a file in a while.

When you take comparative screenshots, you need to take them from the same place in the video. A concert can have changing lighting, and it makes it harder to be sure what is going on.

Are both devices (BluRay player and Vero) outputting at the same resolution and format (RGB or YUV, same bit-depth, etc.), and connected via the same HDMI cable to the same endpoint (projector or AVR), and to the same input on whatever they are connected to? In other words, have you eliminated all differences but the source device and its settings?

Once you have eliminated all but the device as the difference, have you disabled all color processing settings on the BluRay player? In other words, how do you know which device output is truly correct…the BluRay player or the Vero?

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Good point, @nabsltd. I’ll try to narrow it down :smile:

If your colour balance is wrong, it’s going to be a problem of setup/calibration of the beamer and/or the Anthem (which also has video ‘adjustments’).

I for one can’t see anything wrong with the screenshots above. If there was a problem with the Vero it would be obvious.

I experienced the same “redness” when I had that line in rc.local that forced 10bit playback even when the file was 8bit.

Do you still have that? Current version defaults to 10-bit if your display is 10-bit.

Nope. Everything is a-OK now :slight_smile:


Better now with the April 2019 update. Thanks! I’m marking this thread solved.