Failed to reset device

I installed OSMC from mac to RaspberryPi booting over NFS.
The install goes fine (had a few issues and had to try it a few times but got it working) and boots into Kodi.
I made some setup changes (Date and Time, settings, etc) and then rebooted.

On reboot it goes into a loop flashing the error:

[ 13.858795] pcm512x 1-004d: Failed to reset device: -5
[ 13.858795] pcm512x 1-004d: Failed to reset device: -5

I tried reinstalling a few times and happens every time. It happens when I go to the EXIT option, as well, as pull the power.

Thanks for your help.

These errors i’m not sure have anything to do with NFS installs, but they are a bug we are aware of…

So are you saying that after install and Kodi boots, after first reboot attempt the system never gets Kodi back up?

No, I did not believe they had anything to do with NFS.

yes that is correct, the install boots into Kodi, and then is not able to get back into Kodi again, it seemingly loops through that error over and over again.

Thanks for the info! I will wait until there is a resolution! I appreciate your time answering my issues and all the hard work you guys do on this amazing product!!

This bug is absolutely harmless and is caused by the pcm512x sound card driver attempting to perform a reset on a device that is not there. Until Raspberry Pi foundation start using HATS and DTB overlay, this occurs on all distributions.

I have silenced the error however and this should be fixed in Alpha 2