Fast forward with sound

Hey all, newbie here. Had my vero for about 4 months. I’m pretty scared by command line stuff and haven’t delved into that at all yet, but I’m loving the system.

I’ve got a couple of questions, first one as above. I’ve searched heaps on this, but can’t seem to find anything that helps a noob like me actually figure out if this is possible or not. I watch a bunch of narrated shows that are so slow, it’s much better to watch at a faster speed but still with sound. My ff defaults to 2x without sound. Is there any way to change this?

Secondly, I have heaps of drop outs with my Vpn.

Any help with these would be much appreciated, cheers!

So… I figured out how to get it to work with sound at 1.5x, is that the max?


Jolly good, thank you sir!