Faulty SD card slot?

I am trying to do a re-install and the SD card will not locate in the slot, i can feel the little spring action but the card literally just falls out of the socket.

There isn’t a lot i can actually be doing wrong but am open to suggestions.

Actually, turns out there was, the card goes in upside down it seems…

Don’t worry – it’s happened to others!

I have similar SD card insertion problems.

I try to insert SD card to reinstall OSMC but I fail hard. I try to insert card upside down (with conductive contacts up) and there is a spring, I can push card inside but it just does not click and does not hold, it is immediately pushed out by the spring. Am I totally dumb or is my Vero 4K faulty?

It is a push push slot.
Sometimes the spring can be stuck.

This is usually easily resolved by unplugging the device and opening the case, manually removing the card and putting it back together.

Yes, it turned out that i need to push sd card into the slot completely. Nevermind, there is no HW problem so far, but it is fair to note that HDMI slot is not of greatest quality. If you wiggle connected HDMI cable a bit, it moves inside the HDMI slot in vero and this causes signal losses. But if cable is still then no problem.

Have you tried a different HDMI cable?