Files not visible and Upgrade issue

Hi there,

I don’t want to hijack this thread. So, please tell me if I need to open a new one.
I have the same problem: I cannot see my TV SHOWS anymore, it’s empty. But when I go to Videos > Files > TV SHOWS, then I can see the folders, but when I click on one, I get the “:(” (sad) face on the blue screen, and after a few seconds, it goes back to the home window.

I have another problem I am on v17.1, and I could not download the upgrade for several days, the download does not start. I have been rebooting, shuting down, trying to force it from SSH commands (it starts but I end up with error messages)… Today, it started but got stuck with the following error (to be reported to the forum apparently): Error installing: udev (215-17+deb8u7)

I have run the log scan, here is the URL:

Thank you

This is a hijack, because your issue is related to your hardware.

It seems like your SD card may be problematic.

Some SD cards are not genuine or have a lower capacity than advertised. Some simply fail over time.

Symptoms of SD cards not working correctly are:

  • Read-only behaviour, or changes made not persisting
  • A filesystem corruption error

Symptoms of counterfeit SD cards are:

  • Writing works until a certain filesystem size is reached, thereafter, writes seem to cause issues where existing data is lost or newly written data is not preserved.
  • SD card fails after a short amount of time.

Counterfeit cards are usually found on Amazon and eBay.

SD cards have a limited lifespan. I recommend you change SD card and suspect that issues will no longer persist with a good card. If you would like to be a good quality SD card purpose manufactured for OSMC, then you can find one in the Store.

Well as it clearly was a hijack therefore I splitted it into a new thread

Thank you Sam. Are both problems (files disappeared and upgrade not possible) related to the SD Card in your opinion ? (thanks for the link for the SD card…I’m gonna go get it).

Can I still make an image of my current SD card and have it copied on the new SD card ?
I want to avoid to have to re-install everything. I also use the Rpi for my music environment and I have spent quite some time installing everything correctly.

Thank you fzinken

Well as something is an issue with the update not clear how many files got already corrupted. But it is worth a try to do an image onto the new card and try to upgrade.
Alternative if most of your customisations are in Kodi and not OSMC you could install a 17.1 image on the new card and just copy over your .kodi folder and then do the upgrade.

I see.
My current SD is an 8GB, while the OSMC proposed one is a 16GB. Is there a way to copy the image from 8 to 16GB and yet to keep the full 16GB as available ? normally, the 8GB image will restrict the 16GB to an 8GB only.

If you would like to be a good quality SD card purpose manufactured for OSMC, then you can find one in the Store.

I’ve just seen that the card cannot be shipped until July 7th… which means that I would need to wait around 3 weeks to have it at my place. Any other alternative ?

Well you would need to extend the filesystem after you copy the image over.
Either search for “resize ext4” or alternatively using any Live Linux and use gparted.

Hi there. I have finally ordered and installed OSMC on a new Micro-SD. What it interesting is that my old images from 3 and 2 years ago seem to be both corrupted: when I install them and put the SD back into my laptop, itsays that the drive has a problem and ask with for a scan and fix/repair. What I do, but still no finding…

A Windows laptop cannot read the linux filesystem types that OSMC uses. It doesn’t need a fix/repair, you just have to use another linux computer to access the EXT4 filesystem.