Finaly Plex official addon

Hi guys, just saw this as i am excited. finally plex has released their official addon for Kodi:

i’ve been using the unnoficial plexbmc which was good as well.

can’t wait to go home and test it on osmc

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But it is currently in beta test and only available for Plex Pass users.

i managed to download it, i guess it will require a plexpass login. Soon will be available for free.

Yes you can install it, login and I see all my movies.
But I haven’t tried to play a movie.

I’ve installed it on my OSMC but when clicking it for launch it doesn’t do anything.
When I try the same procedure in my Android phone it does work, can the skin be the problem?
Skin on OSMC is OSMC skin (Kodi v16), skin on Android is (Estuary, Kodi v17).

for me it works perfectly, plays movies, it’s great.

Can you show me how you installed it and in what version you are of both osmc and plex please?

I’m having the same issue - clicking on the plex addon does nothing, but sometimes after reboot the addon will work. Rpi3 and Kodi v16, OSMC skin. Through ssh, I checked the /home/osmc/.kodi/temp/kodi.log and found this error -

WARNING: CSkinInfo: failed to load skin settings

Does this have anything to do with it? Anything else I can check?

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maybe @sam_nazarko can shine a light on this?

That error has nothing to do with your add-on failing. It’s present in all installations. Why not simply enable a different skin and try plex again?

I will try that, thanks.

Because I only like the OSMC skin :grin:

I’m suggesting it simply as a test.