First boot from USB: red light on, but nothing on screen

Hi I have a Pi 3 and I downloaded the latest OSMC installer for mac, I chose USB install and I used a sandisk ultra flair 16GB USB3.0 drive for it.

I connected ethernet cable, hdmi cable and plugged in the aforementioned usb stick. But I get nothing on my TV screen. The Pi itself has a solid red light on, and nothing more.

Am I missing something…?

That’s the behaviour you’d expect with no SDcard configured.
I haven’t been following the possibility of booting direct from USBstick - but don’t think it has hit OSMC on RPi3 yet.
I would expect to find that you select the opportunity to install OSMC on USB stick, but initially create the setup process on SD card, from where the OS install proceeds (after booting from the SD card)

Interestingly…i was not prompted to choose which drive is my sd card