First boot, language (welcome) screen, keyboard doesn't work can't proceed (Logitech Wireless USB)

I’m using a RPi 3. I used the latest image which is OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20171001.img.gz. This is my first time using OSMC ever.

I used the installer and got the image onto the card. The pi launches and it goes to the first OSMC screen, then jumps to language. I am presented with the list of languages, presumably to finalize the install. Thing is I can’t select anything. I can’t scroll through the names, nothing.

I tried two different logitech keyboards, fresh batteries.

I was reading the forum, some people are talking about connecting ethernet in order to do this step, but I can’t really do that in my house setup, I don’t have a cable and the router and TV is way separate. I don’t see how I’d pull that off.

When I did the installer from my main computer originally I did enter my SSID and wireless password expecting that it would connect to the network on boot.

please help. Hard to imagine it’s a hardware thing because the keyboards work elsewhere. I think the USB ports are working fine because when I had a flash drive connected, it was blinking, getting powered and seemed to be mounting. I wish I had other info I could provide, I can’t SSH it doesn’t show wireless as a connected source on my network map.


Does your TV remote work to controll OSMC via CEC to overcome this screen?
Don’t you have any USB cable based keyboard in the house to do initlal setup?

Generally it seems the keyboard works

Try plugging in a usb mouse if you have one, you can navigate with that to get you up and running.

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