First time install

I am using a usb stick install, however the installation is stuck at 60% for an hour now, any possible reason and hopefully a solution.

What is stuck? The use of the installer or first boot of pi?

Did you use the installer to write the image to the sdcard or to a USB stick? What size are your sdcard and usb stick?

Thanks for the fast reply,

yes the installer was used to write the image to the sd card, since when I tried it to the usb stick nothing happened, so the next time around I chose the sd card as the install media in the last page of the installer,but my first option of install was the usb stick when i was asked during the installation, if that makes sense.
here is an image of what is going on real time;

So, if you selected USB install, the USB stick must now be connected to the pi and sdcard inserted during initial boot. You still haven’t advised what size the sdcard and USB stick are.

Correct, sorry about that sd: card is 4gb and usb stick is 8gb.

Right now I’d suggest re-imaging the sdcard and try again.

will do right now and get back to you, thanks.

nothing is happening anymore, the pi doesn’t even lightup its green lights,I reimaged using sd only option, and then usb option using two different sticks, one is brand new, I even changed the power source but all I see is one red light on the pi.
I am trying a different installation, i will try raspbmc with sd install to see if there is something wrong with card

Do you have another SD card you can try ?

If not, try wiping the SD card with the following utility:

Make sure you choose Option->Format Size Adjustment on. Then re-run the OSMC installer.

Failing that, is your Pi an original model B with the full size SD card slot ? If so it’s quite likely that you’re not getting a good contact from the contacts on the card to the pins on the socket on the Pi - it’s quite a common problem especially if you’re using a microSD to SD adaptor card.

The symptom is either no boot at all (just the red power light) or it will boot partially then hang.

In this case try cutting out a piece of writing paper to place between the non-contact side of the card and the socket to pad out the thickness a little bit - I’ve had to do this on my original model B Pi now that the contacts have worn a bit otherwise it won’t boot…