Foreign show not recogniced

Hi, i’m trying to set up my library on my Raspberry Pi but some show were missing, i got all of them to show changing the names but there is one that i cannot get to show.
El Ministerio del Tiempo
I’ts a spanish show, i’ve tried naming it with (ES) at the end but no results, the folder structure that i’m using is:

TV Shows <<Source folder, Content: TV shows>>
|----El Ministerio del Tiempo
| |---- El Ministerio del Tiempo - Season #
| |-- El Ministerio del Tiempo.s#e#.title.releaseinfo.mkv

which is the same as i’m using with all my other shows

as said before i tried adding (ES) to the end of the titles – El Ministerio del Tiempo (ES) with no result. And on TVDB the only search result for El Ministerio del Tiempo, which the original forlder name, is the correct one.

Any idea what is going wrong?

You should be able to pull up the menu when that folder is highlighted in the videos -> files view and choose “information” (or something like that, I’m not at home and cannot check precisely), it should prompt you to enter the series name since it didn’t find it automatically, and you should be able to enter it directly then.

thanks! didnt know about this view :slight_smile:

had to search the title in english to get it on the library and then i changed it back to the spanish one

Glad you sorted it out. Enjoy!