Formatting freezing on install Raspberry Pi 2


Attempting to install OSMC on R Pi 2.

Formatted SD and used installer to format SD and install.

When I boot Pi, ‘Formatting Device’ gets stuck and freezes around 15% of way through.

Attempted to install RC2 & 3 and official release but all get stuck at same point. Had NOOBS on same SD so don’t think that’s an issue.

Any help appreciated


  • Try another SD card
  • Try another power supply



I’ve got the same problem and I don’t think it’s related to neither the SD card nor the power supply.

Indeed, this time I tried to re-install OSMC on my Pi2. In the past, it worked quite well with the same devices.

I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 installer and tried to install 2015.09-2 version.

I don’t know exactly the informations you need to help me (I’m a quite a noob) but if you tell me what you need, I’ll do my best to provide it to you.

Thanks a lot