Framedrops in HighRes Video


I use my new Vero4K together with my UnixServer as storage device. The Vero4K replaced my Popcorn Hour A300.

I have noticed that the Vero4K seems to drop frames during playback (I use Audio passthrough to my ONKYO AVR). It is noticeable and I believe it is most visible in camera pans, or when there is a lot of fast movement on screen.

I have started to read through the long thread started by Wuschel_Wuschel in June 17, who seemed to have the same problem that apparently got fixed by last July’s OSMCs update. However, having bought the 4K in February and having installed all updates since, I still see frameskips during playback.

I use NFS/fstab shares (I reported another problem in the forum that my shares would not be detected upon bootup but would be found after issueing the systemd commands; this issue seeems to have been fixed now) and I have installed all updates.

Since 4K HEVC films playback was from the beginning very jittery, I searched the forums and increased the memsize in advancesettings.xml to 181298790, which greatly increased the viewing pleasure of watching HEVC content. Still I get frameskips in both 1080p as well as in 2160p content.

Usually I would blame my network, BUT: when I use the kodi app installed in my TV (Sony Android (but no decent audio passthrough), there are no frameskips in 1080p content, and there have not been any skips with the popcorn device.

So now I am wondering: How would I test my Vero4K in order to post logfiles and are there any parameters that I might modify so I can watch movies and series without skips/drops?

Thank you for your help



First thing to test is playback from a USB stick if you can.
Then a Kodi debug log will probably give further clues.

If the issue is reproducible, then we can usually fix it with a sample.


So, the low hanging fruits regarding settings you find at

GUI Settings->Player->Video

There activate “Adjust Display Refresh Rate” and deactivate “Sync Playback to Display”.

This should be the first to check.

Hi JimKnopf (with that name, you must be German and around my age :slight_smile:)

Thanks for the advice. I tried your advice first (Sam’s suggestion would have meant I had to copy a file to a USB drive first and I was lazy :smile:) and it greatly improved playback for me! Thanks for that.

However I noticed (or it is my imagination) that the passedthrough sound gets out of sync. Can I correct this in Kodi? Or is this a hardware problem of my AVR?

Also, since I’d like to maximize the viewing experience for 4K material and my cabling is not the best), how much cache can I safely attribute to Kodi? Currently I have 1.8 G, but (I am not using 3rd party apps) can I increase that to say 3G?

Thank you (and of course Sam) for your input!


If it is a permanent constant lip-sync deviation, you should calibrate this with the AVR settings for the specific input channel.


Unfortunately another issue popped up (I believe with the latest update).

Since the last osmc update my AVReciever does no longer receive passthrough sounds. I’ve noticed other posts in the forum mentioning the same problems. are you guys aware of this already or would you need my log?

Thanks for the support