Framerate adjustment problem

Greetings osmc community,

the annoying problem i’m experiencing is that my raspberry pi 2, with the latest osmc, has trouble adjusting the video framerate according to the material i’m playing, which worked fine until a few months or weeks ago. After first framerate adjustment on the start of a video file, the Pi continues to adjust it again and again in an approximate intervall of 2 minutes. It basically seems that the video playback is reinitializing. Since my projector needs about 9 seconds to adjust framerates, this makes watching a video nearly impossible with only hearing sound but without a videoplayback for 9 seconds every 2 minutes. When i turn off the framerate adjustment (from start/stop or everytime to never), playback seems to work fine in principal…

Any thoughts on that?
Thanks in advance…

I suspect it is a problem with the files not having a constant framerate.
A debug log and/or a sample file may be helpful.

Thanks for the answer!
Nevertheless i doubt that it has something to do with the files, because by now this “error” is coming up playing every file, including the ones i played before several times (and they worked fine there), and again, including movies from 576i to 1080p to personal camera videos, meaning from 24Hz to 60Hz. The same files are also played fine on a macbook with kodi and framerate adjustment set to “everytime”.

Debug will be provided on the Weekend…

Change adjust display refresh rate to match video to on stop/start instead of always.