Free Space exhausted

OK, nee Logs under:

You have a typo in your advancedsettings:


Look closely at the last line (hint, hint) :smiley_cat:

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Oh ok, i change it, but now there are no Images to See (no fanarts, no Covers, no Icons for the Adons


You still have a typo in the last line, now you have:


it should be:


Thank u, now everything Workshop Fine , u r the best — nice Weekend from germany for u Guys!

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Glad that we were able to help you.

One last Question: whats the right way, when i will change the way to the Thumbnail-folder back to the Profile-folder on the Vero ?
I think I must change the command-lines “from” to “to”
I think thats the way ?

You just could remove the whole entry as the default one will point to the original location

how do i remove it ? Delete the advancedsettings.xml ?

I’m am ssh idiot ! I know.

Well either you just delete pathsubstitution section in the text editor or if you don’t have anything else in the file delete the hole file with rm


Are you experiencing some issue that is making you want to revert this? If you’re noticing a small decrease in loading speed for images this is normal (the built in eMMC storage is faster than anything you can plug into the Vero), but if your seeing something other than this I would be interested in hearing what it is. I have personally tested this extensively and am quite comfortable with how reliable it is.

There is no decreased Speed to See, Same as before , it is a Micro SDCard from SanDisk

So why exactly would you “remove it”? If you want to understand how to undo what you did, you just need to look at what exactly was done and it should be kind of self explanatory. ie…

stop the program that is using the thing you want to move
move the folder in question
make a file that tells the program where you moved the folder to
start the program back up

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I changed back because of the Slow Speed, úre right, i think my Thumbnails —folder has this size,While í had extraposter activated in Aeon Tajo and BeefArtwork

Im in Investigation and Looking at the size That will be now, for so Long ,the path to the SDCard is deaktivated.

If you removed the path substitution but didn’t move the folder back first the system will redownload or regenerate all thumbnails it tries to load and doesn’t find. Every thumbnail that gets regenerated will no longer link back to the original cached version even if you you path subbed back to the folder you moved to the SD card. In other words you might as well delete that old artwork folder on the SD card as it really isn’t useful anymore and it is just needlessly taking up space.

So I made ist.Now the Thumbnails folder is around 1GB and all is fine, thanks for your Support !

For the future you could use the Texture Maintenance Utility to prune orphaned thumbnails.

install on the Vero 4k using the following commands

chmod +x ./

Run with the command

sudo python P

Cleaning the Kodi Library doesn’t include cleaning up the Thumbnails cache

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Many thanks

Thanks for that.

On my Vero 4k+ I went from a thumbnail folder size of 8.16 GB to 3.66 GB and the number of thumbnail files went from 248,461 to 94,525. It took about an hour and a half.