Free up space in Vero 4K+

I have more than 3,000 movies and the posters/artworks have taken up more than 4GB of space on the vero 4K+.
I think it has caused some slowdown/lagging/buffering.
Is there a way for me to transfer the artworks to another location (external hard drive) or is there a way to instruct Vero to read the artworks from an external source rather than the internal space?
I read that the artworks can be exported to the individual movie folders but I don’t know how to instruct vero to gather the artworks from those folders and if it would help improve the experience.
I also would like to know if getting data from an external source will worsen the slowdown issue.
Thank you!

The space that is being taken up on the Vero is by the cache of the artwork. The cache is not a direct copy of the image files, but are scaled-down version. You can’t get rid of it, since it will just re-populate with the images. It can technically be moved off of internal storage, but that will likely make it slower.

Unless you are completely out of space on the Vero local storage, the cache is not going to cause slowdowns of any kind, especially when playing videos. The size of your database could be an issue, depending on what kind it is (Kodi built-in or MySQL), where it is stored (on the Vero 4K or on a different machine), and what skin you use.

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