Freezing at Startup

This happens very rarely so hard to pinpoint, Kodi will load and get to the home screen and 7 seconds later it will freeze. Thing only conclusion I have come up with and seems to be the case every time it has happened, is that if you press a button on the TV remote (CEC) before Kodi has finished fully loading it freezes.

Loads to home screen and within 1-5 seconds you press a button it freezes, like i said it’s rare and I can’t do it on demand. Most often then not we just wait 5-10 seconds and never freezes, but that one off chance you do get it requires a hard boot which i’m trying to avoid.

Anyone have this happen? Seems to be CEC related and happens on both Pi’s and if I recall correctly happened in OE as well.

Could you disable CEC in system/input/peripherals/CEC settings and see if it still works? (use a keyboard or smart phone remote to control it).
If you are overclocking then disable that to rule it out.

no OC, I wanted to keep CEC on but will try without it to see.