Freezing video when read from NAS

Hi everybody,
I checked if I could find same issue in any other topic but I couldn’t. So let’s go to a new one…

I have my RPi 2 (with OSMC) connected to my router using LAN (trough CPLs).
My NAS (Synology) is connected to my router using LAN (through CPLs).
I setup in OSMC connection between RPi & NAS.

When I try reading a video like AVCHD (from Sony camcorder : 1080i @ 9Mbps) or GoPro Hero4 1080p (@30Mbps) videos are freezing a lot !
When I press ‘O’ when I read video I can see that network bit rate seems to be no more than 4Mbps… Well it’s not surprising that it’s freezing !
At last I tried reading the same files with a USB storage and It worked fine.

I checked my LAN config in Synology DMS and LAN is configured the right way with full duplex 1000 Mbps…
So my question is : Is there some limitations in OSCM with such configurations ? Is my RPi &/or OSMC the root cause of my issue ?
If yes, how to improve network bit rate ?
Thanks for your help !

Try enabling omxplayer under hardware acceleration in system settings

@ Theetjuh : All Hw accélérations were already ON…
I’m not sure the file format could be the root cause as there is no pb (no freezing) when I read my files directly from an USB Key.
In addition I can say that the network (unless concerning Rpi2) is good as I can read my files from my PC using Wifi without any pb… could it be a SMB driver limitation in OSMC ?..

Nope. I can stream over 50Mbps on my Pi 2 over Wifi let alone Ethernet…

Try using iperf to measure the actual network throughput from your NAS - I believe you can install a version of iperf on most Linux based NAS’es these days.

@ DBMandrake : I already have network monitoring in the Synology DSM. I can see bit rate easily.
Anyway, I will try other file type & file transfert NAS -> RPi to see if there something to see with the kind of tasks.

Being able to measure the bitrate used while playing video through Kodi is not the same as running a dedicated speed test such as iperf.

We already know that the data rate is not sufficient to play without buffering. What we don’t know is whether there is an issue with Kodi that is causing it or whether it is a network issue.

That’s the point of running an actual network benchmark using a tool that is designed to try to saturate the connection.

SMB is not the preferred protocol to use, NFS will likely be faster for you.

OK I see (a little) what you mean. Thanks for your explanation.

For now I will try to install iperf on my NAS… I didn’t find this application in the official “app store” of DSM. I will go & see what is proposed in Synology support…

On the other hand, concerning bit rate & buffering, I tested yesterday reading other movies on my NAS and I saw several ones with “high” bit rate without freezing. These movies shown (when striking key “o” when reading the movie) a variable bit rates between 13 & 20Mbps.
What are the meaning of all the data in this screen ?
What I found is that the second line of the data starting with P seems to show buffering info & bit rate of the network.
On high bit rate movies that work well : buffering is always at 99% with BR above 9Mbps
On my personnal videos like for GoPro Hero4 1080p @ 30Mbps, this second line shows buffering dropping down to 0% (so that the video is freezing) and BR no more than 1500Kbps. Then, the buffer rate increase again until reaching 99% (at same BR) & then again, the video plays until buffer is empty…
Any ideas of what is the pb ?

ok here is an update of my topic :
I have 2 problems :
1- My internal network is unstable and not fast enough. linked directly to my router, the speed is 70/80Mbps. Once my plug at the end of my CPLs, the speed is 10Mbps. Not enough… I understand that my CPLs are not plugged on the same breaker and those breakers seem to bring impedances that descrease speed. Best solution is to link directly to my router through a wire.
2- Thanks to another post, I inserted an “advancedsettings.xml” file and inscreased buffer to its highest.
The results are so much better. All my movies are now good. The only bad opint is GoPro files that are still bad. But with 30Mbps these files cannot be good on my actual configuration.
Thanks for your help.